Who has won the Bio Market Insights Innovation Awards 2019?

Who has won the Bio Market Insights Innovation Awards 2019?

A panel of global industry heavyweights from across the bio-based sector have made their verdicts and the winners of the Bio Market Insights Innovation Awards 2019 have now been announced! They were very impressed by the abundant array of entries for this year’s awards.

After much deliberation they were whittled down to the finalists. So, congratulations to those that made our final three, in each category, the winners will be announced yesterday evening at a ceremony at World Bio Markets 2019in Amsterdam. So who are the winners?

Bio-Based Product of the Year.

Criteria: A product currently available to purchase that is derived from plants or other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials and provides an alternative to conventional petroleum derived products. For the purpose of the awards, bio-based products do not include food, animal feed or fuel. The key is how the product improves on one derived from petroleum, sustainability is not enough, our judges will be looking for developments in price, functionality and quality.

*Winner – Corbion and Green-Basilisk  with SENTIALL for self-healing concrete.

“This award represents a meaningful validation of a great product. But more important, it illustrates the value and potential of co-creation. The world faces many complex and difficult challenges, and we at Corbion passionately believe that the best sustainable solutions to those challenges will be the result of collaboration … when knowledge from different industries and disciplines are combined we can create something that is was never done before.”  Symone Kok, Strategic Project Manager, Corbion.


Bio-Based Chemical Innovation of the Year.

Criteria: An innovation involving enzymes, platform or intermediate chemicals derived from biomass feedstocks, used to produce other chemicals. It can be a breakthrough development, a new method of production, a smarter development or a new technique. The key is the innovation and the ability to display a benefit and progress for the industry long-term.

*Winner – Microvi – MNE biocatalyst.

“It has been an unprecedented year for Microvi as we continued to put our MicroNiche Engineering (MNE) platform technology to use across the world. We are incredibly grateful to have been selected as the Bio-Based Chemical Innovation of the Year and thank everyone for this meaningful recognition. We look forward to continuing to break-ground on finding sustainable, effective and economical solutions for our industry.” – Dr. Fatemeh Shirazi, CEO, Microvi.


Best use of alternative feedstocks.

Criteria: Using alternative feedstocks is normally more than just changing the raw materials. It can require new supply and preparation infrastructure, fresh growing and harvesting techniques, new chemical processing technologies or access to new partnerships. For this category a feedstock is defined as any renewable, biological material that can be converted. The use will focus on research, development, demonstration and of course innovation and will likely feature robust partnerships.

*Winner – UBQ Materials

“We are honoured to have won the prestigious award for the “Best Use of Alternative Feedstocks” here at World Bio Markets. It’s been an incredible few days sharing our story of transforming household waste into a virtually infinitely renewable material. The Bio Market Insights platform is critical to showcase the growing trend toward effectively close the loop on waste disposal, bridge the material demand growth gap all while supplying sustainable climate positive materials reducing significant GHG emissions. We’re excited to continue the conversations with everyone we met here in Amsterdam and be part of accelerating bio-based materials as one of the keys to unlock a truly circular economy. We would also like to thank Quantis International, SYSTEMIQ, ESG Matters, and Vireo Advisors for all their support in proving that UBQ Material is indeed the ‘Most Climate Positive Material’ available on the market today.” – Christopher Sveen, Chief Sustainability Officer


Sustainability commitment.

Criteria: Rewarding a consumer facing brands that have striven to make their supply chains greener in the past twelve months by replacing petro-based chemicals or materials with bio-based or sustainable alternatives.

*Winner – Stella McCartney


Bio-based industry story of the year.

Criteria: Voted for by you, our readers through our online poll! Read it here. 

*Winner – Croda officially launches new 100% bio-based surfacants.

“It’s a pleasure to receive this award for our bio-based surfactants initiative, particularly given the industry voting for us against another nine great contenders. Thanks to all who voted, the strong endorsement for our investment and our ability to contribute to the USDA Biopreferred Programme with 100% Bio-based surfactants.” – Chris Sayner, Vice President Customer Alliances, Corporate Sustainability


Van T’Hoff Institute for molecular sciences poster of the year.

Criteria: Academic posters from the University of Amsterdam’s HIMS department were on display in the exhibition area and voted for by a panel of experts.

*Winner – Meghan Wilson, The Green Octane Project.

“The Green Octane project is still in its early stages, but we are so thankful to those who came by to offer their advice and support on the ongoing research. We are so glad to be apart of a great community that continues to push the boundaries in bio-innovation, working for a more sustainable future.” –  Meghan Wilson, HIMS Master Student & Junior Project Co-ordinator at SunChem B.V.


Bio Stars 5×5 Pitch Winner

Criteria: As voted for by our attendees, the favourite five minute presentation from our Bio-Stars – the most dynamic and inspiring start-ups in the industry who were invited to the event to speak and exhibit.

*Winner – Cellutech

“We are so happy to win the audience’s vote for best pitch, thank you all!! We will continue our mission of bringing a biobased and sustainable alternative to plastic foams and you can expect to see more of Cellufoam in the near future. Also a big thanks to the whole Cellutech team for all the hard work and dedication. Time to celebrate!” – Paula Martirez, Business Development Manager, Cellutech.


Speaking at World Bio Markets, Editor and Co-founder of Bio Market Insights and the organisers of the awards stated; “Once again we have been delighted by the great variety of entries we have received, they really show the breadth and quality of what is happening in the bio-economy at the moment. There’s a great feeling of momentum and positivity around bio-based materials, chemicals and products and this is reflected in the growth of demand from consumers. Through these awards, and across three days in Amsterdam for World Bio Markets, it’s been fantastic to be able to cast a spotlight on some truly amazing innovations. The judges had a really tough time choosing our winners, with only a few votes between our final places. A big thanks to our judging panel and all our entrants.”

We’d like to thanks our panel of judges; Marcel van Berkel (CEO VanBerkel Consultancy).Bridgett Luther (Co-Founder, The Disruptive Factory, founder Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute), Melanie Williams (Director, Melanie Williams Consulting), Dr Michaël Kolk, Partner Arthur D. Little (ADL) and Jo Anne Shatkin, Ph.D., President, Vireo Advisors, LLCnfor their time and energy in making these awards happen.

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