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growth of biomanufacturing in the Midwest


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The new business event for the US bioeconomy

Over 400 industry leaders will connect via a programme of pre-arranged 1-2-1 commercial meetings, knowledge exchange and networking.

This two day event will present the Midwest as the heartland of the US bioeconomy and will generate deal flow between bio developers and producers, global brands and buyers, investors and financiers, community enablers and suppliers.

Regionally, the event provides a home for the bio manufacturing community in the Midwest and will facilitate, much needed, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Domestically, the event will connect the wider value chain and will help innovators scale from lab, to pilot, to demo, to industrial at a greater speed and with a higher success rate.

Globally, the event will promote the capabilities of the region to Europe and Asia and why it is a great place to do bio business.

A unique focus on 1-2-1 commercial meetings

Highly targeted and pre-arranged 1-2-1 commercial meetings are key to accelerating the growth of the sector and are at the heart of the event.

Our format removes the element of luck from traditional networking and provides the most cost and time efficient way of connecting with potential new customers and partners.

In the run up to the event all attendees can view each other’s profile and pre-arrange 20 minute meetings via our online planner.

The event is split into six primary areas of value consumption.







Where technical meets business

Bio Innovations Midwest will unite the bioeconomy value chain from lab to market and drive change through commercially viable innovation.

Leadership teams from New Product Development, R&D, Innovation & Technology, Business Development, Marketing & Brand, Finance, Engineering, Scientific, Operations and Corporate Sustainability will attend to collaborate as the US goes through the biggest transformation and re-allocation of capital and jobs in its history.

We will connect you with your next customer or partner and help you scale your business

Bio Innovations Midwest is the only event

Companies invest in Bio Innovations Midwest to

I can’t think of a better location to host the first-ever Bio Innovations Midwest event than Omaha, Nebraska. The Midwest, especially Nebraska, is at the very center of the rapidly growing biomanufacturing sector in the United States and this event will provide an opportunity to showcase Midwest companies, innovations and assets. Having the organizers of World Bio Markets behind this event only magnifies the event’s importance and the need to commercialize today’s bioeconomy.

Rob Owen, Executive Director, Bio Nebraska

Why should you attend Bio Innovations Midwest?


Bio Developers & Producers attend to present their technologies to brands & buyers, partners, investors and to find community enablers and suppliers who can help them scale their operations.


Brands & Buyers attend to learn from and meet with bio based solution providers who can help them achieve their complex corporate sustainability goals.


Investors & Financiers attend to find new investment opportunities and to present how they can help companies scale.


Community Enablers attend to present how they can help the sector scale at a greater pace.


Suppliers attend to demonstrate their capabilities to bio developers and producers, community enablers and the wider value chain.

A future global bioeconomy will be worth somewhere between $4 trillion and $30 trillion dollars. A well-developed bioeconomy will reduce the nation’s dependence on fossil fuels, revitalize U.S. manufacturing and employment, create a more resilient supply chain, address concerns regarding national competitiveness and national security, improve the nation’s health and the environment, and contribute significantly to the goal of creating a net-zero carbon economy.


The organizers

Bio Innovations Midwest 2024 is brought to you by the owners of World Bio Markets and World Bio Market Insights.


Together, World Bio Markets and World Bio Market Insights provides the global bioeconomy community with digital and in-person knowledge exchange, connectivity and deal flow.

For 17 years, World Bio Markets has been uniting and connecting the bioeconomy value chain from lab to market.

In 2023 the event welcomed over 350 bio-pioneers, from 36 countries, and facilitated over 700 pre-arranged 1-2-1 commercial deal flow meetings and hundreds of additional connections.

Here is a small sample of some of the companies who participated and you can see the full list of attendees on the World Bio Markets website here.

This is a ‘must attend’ event for us. World Bio Markets enables us to discover, connect and have meaningful conversations with potential partners and allows us to benchmark ourselves against other consumer brands.

Fabien Deswarte

Strategic Partnerships for Sustainability Group Leader


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